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About Us

Life in Sonoma or "Slow-noma" as locals call it, is good! Our sleepy little town has hit the map as one of the top destinations to visit in the world! We not only have some of the best wineries in the world, we have many amazing restaurants, unique eateries and boutique shops. Our Sonoma Food and Wine Tours were designed by locals who have lived in Sonoma County for many decades and want you to see some of the local's favorites spots!


Our goal is to introduce visitors and residents alike to "off-the-beaten-path" culinary experiences. We spent months searching for interesting and delicious foods from unique eateries. We sampled amazing cuisine, enjoyed decadent chocolate, sipped delicious local wine, and savored local olive oil & cheeses. We studied the history that makes this historic community so interesting and colorful. And, we planned our ideal walking route with the intention of showing-off the unique side of our special town.


The Sonoma downtown is home to several high-quality shops and tasting rooms, many of which are concentrated in the downtown area. We have chosen the "best of the best" establishments from what Sonoma has to offer. Whether you’re a local Sonoman or a visitor, you'll enjoy this culinary adventure, sampling tasty specialties, sipping on world-famous wines, seeing our beautiful architecture and learning unique stories of past and present inhabitants, all rolled into one fun-filled tour.

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