"Made in Sonoma" BBQ Gift Box

“Made in Sonoma” BBQ Gift Box

We truly appreciate your support of Sonoma Food Tour & our local businesses in Sonoma and hope you enjoy the products we included. All the items in this box are from companies located in the small town of Sonoma and were carefully selected to represent a sampling of our delicious locally-made products! What’s Included in this box:

VELLA CHEESE COMPANY – was established in Sonoma in 1931. Vella’s is a fourth generation, family-owned business. Only natural ingredients go into their cheeses and coatings. All the milk in their cheese comes from Mertens Dairy: a local sustainably farmed Sonoma family dairy and their happy free-range California cows. The whey, which is a by-product of cheesemaking, returns to Mertens dairy and to local vineyards to enrich their crops. Vella’s is a local gem and we hope you love their cheeses as much as we locals do!

Garlic Monterey Jack - Who doesn't love garlic? There is no richer or more delicious Monterey Jack anywhere. Its rich, buttery, creamy texture and taste leaves a clean fresh flavor in your mouth. At room temperature, it's as soft and creamy as a fine Brie, but far more economical. The imprint of the muslin cloth on the back of the wheel shows that it has been rolled and shaped by hand (no machine-made cheese can ever match this level of character and individuality). Enriched with California garlic make it a crowd pleaser!

Here’s a link to how they make their delicious cheese: https://vellacheese.com/images/cheesemaking1.pdf

ANGELO’S WINE COUNTRY MEATS– Angelo’s is a favorite roadside stop for people coming to and from Sonoma on Hwy 12. They have a deli and make amazing jerkies, sauces, olives, mustards, spices and salsas.

BBQ Sauce - when locals think of BBQ, they think of Angelo's! Their BBQ sauce is a favorite for ribs to chicken to steaks and more. Their ingredients are simple and enriched with Sonoma County wine to enhance the flavors.

Barbeque jerky - an aged beef with a wonderful blend of Sonoma County red wine, smoked flavors and spices.

Teriyaki jerky - an aged beef with soy sauce, sugar, and spices

SAVORY SPICE SHOP – Located in the Market Place shopping center in Sonoma, specializes in fresh, flavorful spices, simple meal solutions, gift sets, and other tasty products to help you live life full - of meaningful moments, delightful experiences, and of course, flavorful food.

Sonoma Small Town BBQ Blend - This special blend is made just in Sonoma! It is a sweetened paprika-based blend with peppery, earthy, smoky and herbal notes. It's perfect to use on your favorite meat or to sprinkle on veggies or potatoes.

SONOMA GOURMET – Founded in 1990 by two chefs who were inspired by Wine Country's reputation for fine food and drink, Sonoma Gourmet uses the best, freshest and if available, locally grown organic ingredients

Bloody Mary Mix - Bold, tangy & Robust! Inspired by the agriculture and culinary roots of Sonoma, California, they pair the locally grown organic tomato with the vibrant flavors of organic Worcestershire sauce, organic Horseradish and organic lemon juice to produce a mix with a fuller, more robust taste. Everything is organic & non-GMO

WINE COUNTRY CHOCOLATES – Founded in 1999, is based in the Sonoma where they make their chocolates fresh with no preservatives or additives. It is a woman owned business run by Caroline & Betty – a mother daughter dynamic duo. After years of working in the corporate world, they both quit to follow their dream of becoming chocolatiers and after hours of study and practice, and lots of gratifying experimentation they created a line of confections that surpassed all expectations of world-class chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Sour Cherry Bark - Tart dried cherries pair perfectly with decadent dark chocolate in their Sour Cherry Bark.  Sour, sweet, and slightly bitter, it satisfies three out of five of your taste bud sensations! Their 61% dark chocolate is a sweet silky companion to tart and chewy dried organic Montmorency cherries.   In addition to being Mother Nature’s candy, dried cherries were recognized by Pliny The Elder as having strong medicinal qualities.  Now you can say you’ve had your history lesson for the day while eating their Sour Cherry Bark. It’s hard to choose what best pairs with our Sour Cherry Bark because it is equally pleasant alongside a crisp white wine as it is next to a velvety red.  It’s also great with beer, and is a great substitute for the cherry in your Manhattan.  We don’t suggest submerging in the drink, though!

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