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Updated 4/2/2021

We have opened our tour calendar for booking PRIVATE TOUR groups of 4-6 guests in the same household/cohort effective 4/30/2021. All of our tour guides are fully vaccinated and COVID protocols are in place to conduct tours safely.
We hope to open our public tours as soon as more COVID restrictions change.

Updated 3/15/2021

On March 14, 2021, Sonoma County moved into the red tier, meaning more restrictions have been lifted. Restaurants are allowed to open indoors with 25 percent capacity or a maximum of 100 people, whichever is fewer.

Basic Sonoma County Safety Information:   

Masks required in public – YES   

Physical distancing required in public – YES   

Call ahead to confirm business service levels and safety protocols – YES

At this time, we are planning to resume our tours in mid-April! Yay! We will make the calendar available to start booking in the next 2 weeks. Please email us if you would like to reserve a date.

Updated 3/1/2021

On January 25, 2021, the California Department of Public Health ended the Regional Stay-Home Order for the 11-county Bay Area region, including Sonoma County. However, many counties, including Sonoma County, will remain in the purple tier, meaning many restrictions will remain in place. The lifting of the order means Sonoma County’s restaurants and wineries are be able to resume outdoor dining only. Once the indoor dining is allowed, we will begin to book tours.

Updated 1/11/2021

Under the extended Stay-at-Home order, residents are directed to stay at home except for work, shopping or other essential activities, such as medical appointments. All sectors other than retail and essential operations must be closed.


Updated 12/12/2020

Due to rising COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalizations, Sonoma County is preemptively adopting the California Department of Public Health’s Stay-Home Order beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020. Under the order, residents will be directed to stay at home except for work, shopping or other essential activities, such as medical appointments, allowed by the State’s Regional Shelter in Place Order. All sectors other than retail and essential operations must be closed.If you would like to support us until we can open again, please consider purchasing one of our Nosh Boxes. Thank you.

Updated 10/27/2020

Unfortunately, Sonoma County is still stuck in the purple tier indicating "widespread" Corona virus risk. There are tight restrictions on business and activities. We are not able to run our tours during this time. If you would like to support us until we can open again, please consider purchasing one of our Nosh Boxes. Thank you.

Updated 9/2/2020

We are still waiting to open our tours. Sonoma restaurants are only open for limited outdoor seating at this time which makes it difficult to conduct our tours.

Updated 8/14/2020

We hope you are all doing well during this time. Given the continued uncertainty of the COVID cases in Sonoma County, we are managing our re-opening date month by month. We hope to see you all soon. You are welcome to contact us to reserve a future date for a private tour (minimum of 4 guests).

Updated on 7/13/2020

Due to the alarming spike in corona virus cases across the state of California, Gov. Newsom ordered the closure of indoor
operations statewide at restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms through August 1st. This order directly impacts our tours and we not be operating tours until further notice.

Our Commitment to Safe, Responsible
and Sustainable Travel During COVID-19

Like all of you, we are eager to see the return of our food, wine & history tours in Sonoma. But we are also aware that we are entering a new era that requires a different way of doing things. As we work to reopen, we are using this time as an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to the safety of our guests and to the practice of responsible and sustainable travel.


As travel resumes, Sonoma Food Tour is restarting our tours with a new set of safety guidelines designed for the physical well-being of our guests, guides and members of the local community. These guidelines have been developed in line with the best practices published by the government and health officials in our state and county with regard to restaurant, shops and tour operations. With these procedures in place, our guests — led by our local guides, who are being trained accordingly — can explore with peace of mind. The new procedures we are instituting include:

  • Reducing group size: Our small group tours just got smaller. During the initial reopening period, tours will be private. That means that the tour will only be you, your travel companions (minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 people) and your Sonoma Food Tour guide.

  • Disinfection: Our guides will carry hand sanitizer and provide it to guests frequently while also encouraging them to wash hands whenever possible.

  • Monitoring Symptoms: Prior to each tour or trip, we will check in with our guides to make sure they are not showing symptoms of illness. Any guide showing the slightest symptom will not lead tours. Likewise, any guests showing symptoms will be asked not to join the tour.

  • Maintaining social distancing requirements: Our guides will maintain social distancing during tours and trips, according to regulations issued by local health authorities.

  • Wearing masks: Our guides will wear masks whenever necessary. We will request that guests come to the tour with their own mask.

  • Visiting restaurants safely: Our tours will only visit restaurants and shops that are adhering to official safety standards. We will also avoid visiting restaurants during peak times so that they are less crowded and in order to not displace hungry locals. In restaurants and shops, our guide will make sure that our guests adhere to the establishments’ social distancing.

  • Tasting food safely: Our guides will make sure that food is sampled and distributed safely and according to local health regulations. There will be no sharing or reusing of utensils or dishes.


Sonoma Food Tour’s mission has always been to preserve, protect and celebrate local culinary products and traditions. Now, more than ever, we remain focused on this goal. As Sonoma reopens for business, we are paying close attention to the physical, economic and psychological well-being of our local communities and the people who keep them fed. By joining our tours, you are contributing to this effort, which includes:

  • Going local: Our food tours will continue to feature independent, family-run businesses and spotlight local products and small producers.

  • Respecting local needs: Since new regulations will require restaurants to limit their seating, we will make sure that our tours and trips don’t displace local patrons.

  • Supporting independent businesses: Small, independent businesses are what make our town and culinary landscape so spectacular. These businesses are highly vulnerable these days and it is particularly challenging for them to adapt to the new conditions. Our support, now more than ever, is particularly important.


Book with Confidence

Sonoma Food Tour is offering maximum flexibility for our guests, as we realize that travel this summer and fall might involve unexpected cancellations or postponements. So that our guests can book with confidence, we are putting in place the following cancellation policies:

  • Culinary Tours: 100% refund if cancelled up to 7 days prior to the tour date.

  • In addition to the policies above, any last minute cancellation will be given a 100% credit for future Sonoma Food Tour activities.


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